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Taste Vinyl!

August 8th, 2016

Following on from the success of the 4CD box set, "I'll Remember" and the Spectrum compilation, "Hail - The Collection", Polydor UMC bring you the two studio albums 'Taste' & 'On The Boards' by Taste on vinyl for the first time since their original release. 

The albums have been digitally remastered by Paschal Byrne at The Audio Archive, London from the original master tapes and issued on 180grm vinyl for the first time.

You can order from Amazon here: Taste - Taste Taste - On The Boards

Taste - Taste

  1. Blister On The Moon
  2. Leavin' Blues
  3. Sugar Mama
  4. Hail
  5. Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
  6. Dual Carriageway Pain
  7. Same Old Story
  8. Catfish
  9. I'm Moving On

Taste - On The Boards

  1. What's Going On
  2. Railway And Gun
  3. It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again
  4. If The Day Was Any Longer
  5. Morning Sun
  6. Eat My Words
  7. On The Boards
  8. If I Don't Sing I'll Cry
  9. See Here
  10. I'll Remember

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