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On The Boards

Written By Rory Gallagher

Featured On

On The Boards, The Best of Taste


  • Someone has taken my day,
  • Turned it to night,
  • Who turned out the light?
  • That hangs from the beams,
  • I don't know what it means,
  • But it's too much, too bad.
  • If I had taken my time,
  • Counted my steps,
  • I might have no regrets,
  • You might still be here yet,
  • And not in my dreams,
  • It's too late to care.
  • Somehow the world is a gone,
  • Please give me the keys,
  • And open the door,
  • Where is the floor?
  • I don't know what it means,
  • It's too much to bear.
  • It's too much to bear.

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